Sustainable Hockerton

  Sustainable Hockerton's Wind Turbine (Vestas V29)

Want to know what the wind turbine is doing at this moment? The wind turbine's live data can be accessed HEREthis monitoring service has been kindly provided by Romax Technology. (Once viewed to come back to this site press the home button) Need to understand more - go on a Hockerton Housing Project Workshop here.

You will see something like the table below with a set of figures in it. "The rota speed (rpm)" tells you how many times the blades are rotating in one minute. "The power (kW)" tells you the output of the turbine generator in Kilowatts. "The wind speed (m/s)" tells you the measured wind seed at the back of the nacelle about 32.5m above ground level. Unfortunately this is behind the blades so the wind will be effected by the turbine blades themselves. "Last Updated (UTC)" is the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) or in other word Greenwich Mean Time. The "latest" column gives the most up-to-date figure while the "30 minute mean" gives you the average figures for the last half an hour.

Example table:

Parameter Latest 30 Minute Mean
Rotor Speed (rpm) 40.9 40.0
Power (kW) 127.9 144.9
Wind Speed (m/s) 9.6 9
Last Updated (UTC): 2014-12-10 08:57:55

In this example the latest rotor speed is 40.9 RPM giving an ouput of 127.9kW. The wind speed at the time was 9.6 meters per second.

Below is a graph of production for several financial years to the end of March . Hockerton Housing Project runs workshops on the wind turbine so if you want to find out more go to their web page. 




Below is a graph of production up to November 2011. Click here for pdf version. Hockerton Housing Project run workshops on the wind turbine if you want to find out more.

Alan Simpson MP officially opened our wind turbine on the 21st March 2010. He presented a fascinating talk which we have captured on video. Rob at Hockerton Housing Project has included it in a blog OPENING by Alan Simpson MP so you can recapture the experience if you want. We presented Alan with a brochure called The Story So Far.